Mother Ghost is: Oscar Flores (Guitar/Vocals) & Thomas Flores (Bass/Programming)


Based out of Houston, TX, Mother ghost is a Post Punk duo comprised of two brothers, Oscar and Thomas Flores. Drawing inspiration from the DIY aggression of Post-Punk, the infectious grooves of New Wave, and the Hard-Hitting drums of House music, the duo has managed to put together a very eclectic sound.  Originally formed as a conventional three-piece punk band, Mother Ghost eventually became a duo after going through several drummers in a short period of time. This pushed them to pick up drum machines and sequencers, and allowed the band to explore different facets of their songwriting. They began merging the electrifying rhythms of late 80’s to early 90’s dance music with the driving riffs and experimental nature of modern-day post-punk. Songs are rewritten, rearranged and mutated until they find their perfect sequence and are used to confront themes of immigration, class divide, and the negligent politics of this country. The result is their latest album, Somnambulo (the Spanish word for sleep walker)

Label and Licensing: Geodesic Records
Label Contact: Alvaro Rodriguez
Booking: Mother Ghost